On October 10, 2019, our beloved “Mermaids Escape” along with 80% of the homes in Mexico Beach was damaged or completely destroyed. I am just now writing about this in March as it was just too painful to describe earlier.  I spent the weekend just before the storm with my best girlfriends in Mexico Beach for my birthday. We went to the beach, we had a Bushwacker at Toucans on the beach, we shopped and had a fabulous time.  As we were getting ready to leave on Monday morning we checked the news as a hurricane was forming in the Gulf.  We hauled in the flag, the chairs on the porch and battened down the house.  We are used to hurricanes in our area and really didn’t think too much about it.  Mexico Beach had not had one in years.

No one was prepared for 150-mile winds that leveled 80% of the homes.  The videos were terrible.  We drove over that weekend and they let us in because we were owners. In all my years in Florida since 1955, I have never seen this much destruction. Our house was standing, but the back half had roof damage and lots of water inside.  But nothing compared to my neighbors.  We did everything we could to help them clean up.  For the next 2 months, our real estate team made trips to bring tarps, supplies, chain saws, generators and more. Keller Williams Cares supplied the generators and chain saws in big trucks from Austin. Our neighbors brought all kinds of supplies to our office.  The local churches stepped up with meals, clothing, food, diapers and cleaning supplies.  America stepped up to help in every way they could.  It did our hearts proud to see everyone help! 

Five months later, Panama City, Calloway, Parker, Southport, Mexico Beach, St. Joe Beach and all the surrounding areas to the north are trying to rebuild.  The agriculture to our north is destroyed, years of pine trees gone and our beaches and roads are a mess. But Florida is Strong and we are rebuilding.  We still need help.  

If you are looking for a long term investment, buy some land in our area or a house that is partially destroyed.  Our neighbors are mostly older, tired and can’t handle or tackle the job of rebuilding. Their dreams are shattered.  You can get a good buy and they can move on with their lives.  My dear neighbors are going back to Tuscaloosa where they came from.  They have listed their house with me for $280,000 with damage.  It will be a great rental in a year when it is repaired.  Jason Daigle one of my real estate team has gone back into construction over there. He is fixing all my neighbors houses and mine.

Call us, email us, we know where the best deals can be found.  We are rebuilding, our towns will come back!